Stars of Women’s Ski Racing: Lindsey Vonn

She is the name that people who don’t watch ski racing know, and rightly so. She has 4 Overall tites 2 Olympic Gold Medals, 16 Discipline titles and has won more Super G and Downhill races than any one in the world, oh and yeah she dated Tiger Woods.

I have left Lindsey Vonn for last and I have placed her as a wild card. If Vonn remains healthy she is great, but that is a big if for Vonn. She has been injured a lot lately, she injured both her knees and just this year she broke her upper arm in a training crash. She is struggling to stay healthy and already will start off behind this year because she will miss at least the first speed weekend, which is this weekend.

maxresdefault-3Vonn is also scaling back the events she competes in this year in order to devote more of her time to Super G, where she feels the most comforatble in. She will be racing mostly speed events only, which will hamper her in the Overall fight. Shiffrin will be competing in all events at one point or another and Gut will be doing all events except for slalom. This leaves Vonn with a big hole to dig out of.

If anyone can defy the odds and win it is Vonn. She is damned near unstoppable in Super G and she is only 10 wins away from becoming the most winningest skier of all time. She is breaking records left and right and either way it will be exciting to watch Vonn and see if she can pull one more out of the hat.


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