Attacking Vikings Top Val d’Isere Super G

VAL d’ISERE, France- The speed season started off Friday and the Attacking Vikings of Norway picked up right where they left off last season. Kjetil Jansrud took away the gold medal with teamate Aksel Lund Svindal coming in second and Italian Dominik Paris rounding out the podium.

Last season might have been a season fro Jansrud to forget. He finished 4th overall, 4th in the downhill and 2nd in Super G. This would have been good for a normal person, but not Jansrud. In 2015 he finished 2nd overall and he won both downhill and Super G.

Jansrud started the season off guns blazing. He attacked the course and was able to ski smoother than anyone else from top to bottom. commentator and ski racer Bode Miller said it was over right after he saw Jansrud’s run.

The last time we saw Svindal competing he was crashing out of the race in Kitzbuehl Austria. Svindal is now making his second comeback attempt in the second year in a row. If he can manage to do half as good as last year, he should be a real contender for the title. Svindal looked fast in his run but made some mistakes on the timing of some of his turns and he looked a little rusty. The fact that Svindal could make mistakes like that and still finish second is a testament to how great he can be.

The Norewegian speed team of Jansrud, Svindal and Alexander Aamodt Kilde are head and shoulders above the competition, in fact if Kilde hadn’t made so many mistakes he easily could have been on the podium with his teamates. All three of them could easily win the Overall Title and it will be exciting to watch the team as they compete together this season.


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