Two Races, Two Wins for Jansrud

Kjetil Jansrud opened up the 2014-’15 season off with two consecutive speed event wins. That was his best season, he won both the Downhill and Super G titles. This year he has started the season off the same way, two speed races and two victories for the Norwegian. The podium was rounded out by Italian Peter Fill and Jansrud’s Norwegian teamate Aksel Lund Svindal

Last season it seemed as if his confidence was shaken. He did not seem like the racer the World knew he could be. He was not skiing mistake free.

This season Jansrud took a leadership role of his team while his teamate and friend Svindal was trying to come back from an ACL injury. He trained hard in the offseason and it is paying off. Jansrud looks a whole lot more confident this year and his skiing looks bulletproof.

Jansrud takes fast lines and seems to have made no mistakes at all this year. Jansrud seems to be comfortable in his new role on the Norwegian team, which would make sense because Svindal did not compete the year Jansrud won the DH and SG titles, so then too Jansrud had to take a leadership role among the Norwegians.1000x563_351405

Fill is the defending DH champion and he had himself a good run. He gave up some speed in a couple spots and had a few bobbles which ultimatley cost him the race. As Fill crossed the finish line he screamed in aggrevation. Fill seems poised to be able to make another run at the DH title.

Svindal has suffered 4 injuries in his career, and all 4 times he has come back on a podium, this time he has two podiums in a row. Svindal seems to be picking up just where he left off before his injury last year.

The course was icy and Svindal does not like icy courses in general and he has trouble with the poor visibility that they had to put up with in the DH. Bode Miller said that Svindal is someone who relies on his experience when he races and he was frustrated to have to come back from injury to a course that he has no experience on. With that being said, if this was Svindal frustrated, I think the racers will be in trouble when they come to a course that suits Svindal.

In the overall standings, after his two victories Jansrud has tied Marcel Hirscher with 200 points and in second place Svindal is only 60 points back. Its still anyones game but I think Hirscher really needs to be afraid of the Attacking Vikings.France Alpine Skiing World Cup



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