Stars of Men’s Skiing: Marcel Hirscher

He is a 5 time Overall Champion, and he has done it 5 years in a row. Marcel Hirscher has litearlly been the Overall Champion for half of the seasons he has raced in. Hirscher has cemented his role as the strongest technical skier in men’s alpine skiing. maxresdefault-4

Unlike Mikaela Shiffrin in slalom or Lindsey Vonn in super g, Hirscher does not have one discipline he is dominant in. In years past Hirscher was the absolute best skier in slalom, but Henrik Kristofferson can match him. In Giant Slalom Alexis Pinturalult is right there with him, but what is it that sets Hirscher apart from his competition? What is it that makes Hirscher the best skier in the world for the past five years? I would like to suggest that it is his unwillingness to lose.

In the film Streif Hirscher’s Austrian teamate, Max Franz, was talking about how he wanted to always win, but when he mentioned Hirscher he said that Hirscher was different, he said Hirscher just hates to lose.

It is that competetive spirit that makes Hirscher a 5x World Champion. Last year in Flachau Austria, Hirscher’s goggles fogged up so bad he could barely see and yet he remained calm and made it to the bottom, then put down the fastest second run of the fireld to come in second. That is what Hirscher is able to do, he can take poor situations and make great results out of them. Hirscher deals with what he has and is able to come out on top.

So he may not be the best skier in any one discipline, but when it comes to finiding a way to win, or rather finding a way not to lose, Hirscher is the best in the World.


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